Archivio Antonio Nocera

Antonio Nocera Archive

On October 16, 2013 the Antonio Nocera Archive was set up in Rome proposing the archiving of the artist’s works with the issue of the relative certificate and their inclusion in the General Catalog, which will be published in several volumes.

For collectors who have no interest in seeing their work published in the general catalog, it is possible to request only the Certificate of Authentication.

The archive will aim to disseminate nationally and internationally and protect the work of Antonio Nocera, through the organization of meetings and exhibitions.

For inclusion in the General Catalog it is possible to request a Certificate of Archiving that will be issued upon request by collectors.

It is very important to store and publish the works in the General Catalog, even if already accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and guarantee. The work that is not only authenticated but included in the general archive acquires a considerable market value, facilitating any transactions.

For archiving purposes it is necessary to deliver the documentation relating to the works in possession by sending the following materials by registered mail:

– data sheet for filing requests
– n. 1 double-sided high resolution image of the work (jpg or tiff – min 300 dpi) on cd or dvd support
– n. 2 color photographic prints of the front of the work (size 18×24 cm)
– copy of any documents (essays, articles, reviews, invitations, press releases, loan cards for exhibitions, etc.) in which the work is reproduced or cited
– payment receipt

All materials, which will remain the property of the Archive, must be sent to the following address by registered mail:

Antonio Nocera Archive,
Via Stazio 25, 80122 Naples

Should the Archive deem necessary for the vision and analysis of the work, it must be delivered to the Antonio Nocera Archives with methods to be arranged by telephone.

Download the request for the archiving form in pdf




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