Ateliers Ouverts, transparency in art

Ateliers ouverts, transparency in art

Know the spaces within which the artist moves and works. Having the opportunity to enter the ateliers, breathing the air soaked in the smells of the colored powders, the canvases and the materials he uses. Stop in front of the window and observe what he sees, while his hands work the clay or dip the brushes in the color, realizing in images and shapes what his mind has dreamed and processed. And finally, being able to dialogue with the artist himself, questioning him about his past, about his amazing experiences, about his travels, about the characters he met on his journey. To appreciate its personality, to savor its charisma and, at least in part, to savor its secrets of the soul.

The maestro Antonio Nocera, opening the doors of his ateliers, offers all this to his guests. In fact, Ateliers Ouverts calls this project, which involves the artist returning to Italy, after having wandered for many years throughout Europe. “I have always lived as a traveler – says the teacher Nocera -, feeling unstoppable the will not take root anywhere, even if you love many, for their atmosphere and their beauty, first Caivano, where I was born, then Parma, where I lived several years, and Naples, which I had left a long time ago, returning only periodically, as if to get some air and restore the spirit, before immersing myself again in the exhilarating effort of my travels, I met extraordinary people and places, I had experiences that helped me to grow as a man and as an artist, offering me opportunities comparison and inspiration that have had a great reflection on my life and my work.But then, from time to time, I had to go home, in my land, to dive into the aura of a c itty as Naples that, with its magic, surprises you every time, captivates you to the point of enchantment, making you forget everything, as if nothing had a meaning but its streets, its buildings, its voices, its sea . When this happened, it was time for me to move away again, almost frightened by the idea that its unique and extraordinary beauty could somehow enchant me, like the Sirens of Ulysses, and imprison me forever. I have been a globetrotter, and this I still feel deep inside the soul, but, with maturity, I finally feel the need to stop a little longer, and I do it with the intention of implementing the Ateliers Ouverts project that in reality, for me it is not new. In fact, I had already proposed it in 1997 in Paris, at 20 Rue des Canettes in Saint Germain des Prés. Later, in Venice, presenting the Water Books at the San Nicolò al Lido Monastery, on the occasion of the 55th International Art Biennial, I had followed the first Venetian ouvert atelier, in which the present audience, with whom I relate directly, he could observe me at work and freely ask questions. The experience was very successful and it was quite stimulating for me too. For this reason, today, I find myself fully sharing the words spoken by the President of the 57th Art Biennale, Paolo Baratta, who claims that this great event should qualify “as a place that has as its method, and almost as a reason for being, free dialogue between artists and between these and the public “.

Antonio Nocera, therefore, with the intent of approaching his public art, collectors and professionals, tracing with them a direct line, is preparing to open the doors of his studies in Caivano, Naples and Venice. In the latter city, then, there will be two ateliers ouverts ready to welcome those who wish, one at Fondamenta San Biagio at no. 782, which will soon be inaugurated, and the other at the former convent of the SS. Cosma and Damiano, in which the paper of his famous “Libri d’Acqua” and “Pinocchio” was made with the collaborator Fernando Masone.

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