Antonio Nocera Archive

Established in Rome in 2013, the Archive ihas its main office in Caivano (NA), in the atelier in the artist's native house, and a branch office in Lungarno in Florence, where the artist currently lives and works.

The Antonio Nocera Archive is an independent institution; it’s part of the Italian and international cultural debate, in full autonomy of choises. It aims to:

  • manage and promote the work of Antonio Nocera, both in Italy and aborad;
  • preserve the permanent exhibition of the artist’s works;
  • promote art studies about the artist both nationally and internationally;
  • guarantee the correct documentation, cataloging, appreciation, conservation and archiving of the works of Antonio Nocera, by issuing certificates of authenticity and certificates of archiving;
  • organize exhibitions and events of Antonio Nocera, either personal or together with other artists on the basis of specific themes;
  • contribute to the comprehension and dissemination of culture, giving life to exhibitions and educational projects that use the universal language of art to stimulate a culture of peace in the audience;
  • organize courses for people to learn the basics of the different painting techniques, giving everyone the opportunity to discover and enhance their creativity, in an increasingly technological world where imagination and individuality are often set aside;
  • make people rediscover ancient crafts, such as the artisan making of paper by loom;
  • open a constant artistic dialogue with children, in collaboration with families and schools, to educate them in Beauty and Culture, the only weapons of defense against the barbarism and standardization of these modern times;
  • contribute to the promotion and enhancement of the cities that host the Archive offices.

Archiving artworks

Archiving artworks is of fundamental importance not only to protect the artist's work, but to provide the collector with a guarantee of absolute and indisputable authenticity over time for the work in his possession, thus facilitating any transactions. The Archive, however, in no case provides economic evaluations on the works presented for archiving.

How to request the archiving certificate

For archiving purposes, it is necessary to deliver the following documentation:

  • archiving request form, signed and filled in with personal data
  • n. 1 double-sided high resolution image of the work (jpg or tiff – min 300 dpi)
  • copy of any documents (catalogue dedication, articles) received at the moment of purchase or receiving of the artwork
  • payment receipt (see the Archiving request form).

All materials, which will remain the property of the Archive, must be sent:

Should the Archive deem it necessary to inspect the work, it must be delivered to the Antonio Nocera Archives with methods to be arranged by telephone.

For info: archivionocera@gmail.com

Archiving request form

info@antonionocera.com archivionocera@gmail.com

Adults: $25
Children & Students free

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781-562-9355, 781-727-6090