Il libro dell’acqua

Aluminum, iron, Murano glass
Mixed technique on 22 aluminum panels 100×100 cm
Base 400×400 cm

55ma International Art Exposition “La Biennale di Venezia” Eventi collaterali – Italy, 2013


Exhibited at the Monastery of St. Nicolò, on the Lido of Venice, it looks like a large book placed in the open air in the center of the cloister. There are “read” travel stories accompanied by dreams and hopes often drowned in an implacable sea, ready to swallow any illusion of freedom and peace.

With the cycle “Libri d’acqua”, the artist focuses attention on the theme of migration as a total social phenomenon. At the center of his thought there is the importance of human mobility as an expression of a fundamental freedom of movement and aspiration for emancipation, which the artist symbolically expresses through travel. The works are dominated by the presence of the sea, now clear and limpid, now black as tar, now calm and soothing, now impetuous and distressing. On these waters, the nests are floating full of little creatures that recall the memory of the boats of migrants who, in all ages, have sailed the seas looking for a place to build a new home and a new life.


© Antonio Nocera – All rights reserved.

Adults: $25
Children & Students free

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