Oltre il mare


Iron, bronze, rope, Murano glass
Base 800×200 cm
Exhibited at the Grimaldi Forum, Montecarlo-Principality of Monaco (2011), inaugurated in the presence of Princess Caroline of Hanover
Expo 2015, Milano – Eataly (2015)


“… Antonio Nocera’s nests. Their first overwhelming impact on the spectator arouses a flood of smells that are released in impetuous, pressing waves: water from ponds and lakes, wood of centuries-old trees, resins and pine needles, balsamic eucalyptus, fresh and icy mint, the heady magnolia, the marsh plants and the reeds macerated around the pond, the lichen attached to the trunks, the thousand sinuous and unruly wild brushwood, the mosses that have colonized the rock or have settled on the bed of the streams. Fragrances that are pungent and penetrating, sweet or bitter, exciting or soporific, balsamic or stinging, they are in the air, in the breezes, in the dawns, in the sunsets, in the nights, in the waters, in the intrigue of the nests, in the sylvan hair of the nymphs that Antonio Nocera painted. “

Mauro Giancaspro, Director of the VIttorio Emanuele III National Library of Naples


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